We will take whatever time is necessary to ensure that your ideas are honoured and work towards incorporating those preferences into the finished project.

What We Do?

We have found that the best way to learn more about how we can best serve our customer is to meet with them in their own home. From there we can better understand exactly what we need to do to provide whatever the customer requests.

We will take whatever time is necessary to ensure that your ideas are honoured and work towards incorporating those preferences into the finished project. If required we can work with a professional designer and/or architect to help with the details.

Most often before any new construction can begin, we must first remove whatever materials there are that are no longer required and dispose of them properly to a local landfill site. We work very hard at recycling as much of the usable materials as possible through a local Habitat for Humanity “Restore” facility. During this process we take the utmost care to protect our customers’ home from dust penetration and damage from scrap materials handling. As the new construction process starts, we encourage our customers to pay attention to the amount of care that we take in laying out the areas so that we make sure we are translating their wishes into a well-thought out finished project. We also make sure that we promote the fact that we are using only the best materials available during this most important phase of the work. Often times, during demolition work, we discover sub-standard materials had been used, which may have contributed to an untimely problem in their home.

We confer frequently with our home owner to make sure that as the project continues we are capturing the design elements that they were expecting, before walls and ceilings are closed in and details covered up. It is not uncommon at this stage of the project for our customers to request that we do something a little different than we first had planned, or perhaps in our new work process, we have uncovered a problem that was not evident when we first began. Whatever steps that are required to deal with these changes, we work with our customers to find the solution and implement the necessary changes so that the work can continue. My son and I are able to handle the majority of the work being done throughout the project, but, occasionally on larger projects, we work with sub-trades who specialize in specific areas of work so that the project can move along efficiently. The larger projects often see several different trades working at the same time, which allows us to focus on co-ordinating the entire project, and still work away at some of the detail portions of the job. We pride ourselves on being able to multi-task while still staying on top of things. We are proud of our track record of working well with local municipal building inspectors so that our customers end up with the very best finished product at the end with no compromises in quality or construction techniques. Because we have been in business for over 20 years, we believe that we know what it takes to satisfy our clients, the first time!

This is the area of our work that gives us the most satisfaction, where we can step back and proudly show our customers what we have done on their behalf. Because we spend so much time during the project to ensure that we are still on track with the original plans and design, we are confident that the finished project will not disappoint our clients. Our goal is to finish our work with the same level of confidence that was evident when we started the project. Our hope is that this confidence in our approach to renovations and new construction will translate into a satisfied client who will be pleased to refer us to their family and friends when they need work done.

Our Team

Doug Carey

The president and founder of Doug Carey enterprises limited started the business back in 1990 after deciding to carry on the family tradition that his father John Carey started in Dundas, Ontario many years ago. The goal of trying to provide good quality workmanship and reliable follow-up service has served his clients well over the years. Having a supportive wife behind him over the years, has been a real asset to staying focused on what really matters. He knows how important reliability and trustworthiness is to a successful service-based business.

Ian Carey

The son of the owner has been a big part of the business since 1995 and continues to provide a special attention to details on all phases of the work that we do. Ian is blessed with many talents, and has learned not to compromise on anything that he does. He is equally confident dealing directly with our customers and is always keen to explain in fine detail why we do the things that we do.

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